Boutique Fitness Experience

Our fitness facility offers classes at all levels and for all body types. Toning, sculpting, cardio take your pick. Group and private training sessions are also available.

30 min classes

Bonita Apple-buns: For 30 minutes we are targeting and sculpting and oh hey we are going to work out to some hip hop songs ya know! Expect your abs + buns to burn with happiness. Class time(s) Wednesday 9:30// Friday 5pm// Saturday 9am

Check The Thighs: Keeping you on point for 30 minutes of toning. We will be utilizing hand weights, sand bags, gliders and we are targeting your thighs + arms. Class time(s)// Monday 9:30am// Thursday 9:30am

4 Moms: For the mamas and their minis you will work out together and jam! If you are a baby wearing mama bring your carrier. Please make sure your mini marauder is age 5 and under. Class time(s) Tuesday 10:30am// Friday 9:30am

Slight Work 30 TRX Rip Trainer & Suspension system: Plan on coming to class and getting right to work! You will be using the TRX rip trainer and suspension systems. Resistance + body weight exercise = a win win!! Class times(s)// Monday: 5:30am // Thursday 5:30// Friday: 6pm // Saturday 10am.

55 min classes

Electric Relaxation: Relax yourself! This upbeat yoga infused class stretches you to the core! All levels welcome. Class time(s)//Monday 7pm

Butter Body Burn: Cutting up the body with low impact movements utilizing gliders, sand bags, hand weights and your body! Earn that E for effort and T for Nice Try! Full Body. Class time(s) Wednesday 5:30am// Thursday 7pm// Saturday 6am 

Mama said Knock you out:  Box + Booty kicking cardio. Like LL Cool J says we won’t call it a comeback but we will make sure you leave feeling strong and mighty. Fancy footwork, punch combinations and a guarantee you will close your exercise ring! Class time(s)// Tuesday: 5:30a //Wed: 7pm //Sunday: 10:30a

Light your A$$ on fire: This fun dance class teaches you a choreographed group dance that burns and tones your body as you learn an easy routine. Join us and get ready to get in formation! Class time(s)// Tuesday: 7pm

Youthful Expression: Our youth with style get their own class that is a mix of HIIT training, Core work, stamina building and radio edited music! We want them feeling good and real spry! Class time(s)// Monday 6pm// Wednesday 6pm// Saturday 11am// Sunday 9:30am

Body by JJ

Janita Jones (JJ) is available for private and group training sessions. If interested drop us an email.